Some xscreensaver modules not working with 22.10 (but were fine with 22.04)

Since upgrading - where there was a message to close xscreensaver due to the change in the C libraries - some of these have stopped working here.

Working: binary horizon, glblur, glmatrix, glslideshow, substrate etc
Not: glschool, photopile

The ones that aren't working show a red "crashed with a SIGABRT" (glschool) or ".. SIGSEGV" (photopile) error message.

glschool will show ok in the small preview, but not full screen or activate.

xscreensaver version 6.02+dfsg1-2ubuntu1

I have now chugged through the complete set, and it's just these two that have a problem.

Reported at Bug #1993861 “Two xscreensaver modules no longer work on 22.10” : Bugs : Ubuntu MATE

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One that did work stopped working when I installed the nvidia-drivers-515 package over the -510 one, but that was cured by a reboot.

The two mentioned above still don't work.

With the nouveau drivers, GL School works :slight_smile: but Photopile still SIGSEGVs :frowning:

Have you tried:

sudo apt install --reinstall xscreensaver


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