Someone with admin rights to

offers 23.04 to download, which can lead to users asking why it gets URL errors (example)

I suggest the page be modified to remove the 23.04 download link :slight_smile:


Hi, @guiverc (Chris Guiver) :slight_smile:

I don't have admin rights to but I've submitted the following "Pull Request" to the "" GitHub repository on 25th February 2024:

I've submitted that Pull Request based on your following previous message, that you had posted here in the "Ubuntu MATE Community", on that same day (25th February 2024):

I also do NOT have any write privileges to that "Git Hub" repository, but I know that @franksmcb (Bill) has those write privileges, and so does @Wimpy (Martin Wimpress) himself (obviously). So, let's hope that one of them accepts that "pull request" of mine.


Thanks @ricmarques :slight_smile:


You're quite welcome, @guiverc :slight_smile: Let me add that I've noticed that, a few hours ago, @franksmcb (Bill) has accepted and merged my "Removing 23.04 from downloads as it went EOL by ricmarques · Pull Request #176 · ubuntu-mate/ · GitHub" pull request as the commit "Removing 23.04 from downloads as it went EOL (#176) · ubuntu-mate/ · GitHub" to the "master" branch of the "" GitHub repository. That action by @franksmcb had the desired consequence of removing 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) from the "Download " web page of Ubuntu MATE for the "64-bit PCs / Macs " Architecture -

Thank you, @franksmcb for having accepted and merged my "Pull Request" :slight_smile: