Sometimes my laptop shut down automaticaly

Hi everyone.
When i working with my laptop, sometimes it shut down by itself. I’m using Toshiba L510 laptop with insyde bios h20. Some forum said that this bios is not linux friendly. Any idea?

What version of Ubuntu Mate are you using?.

I have an old laptop and have to use Ubuntu Mate 14.04 because it would auto suspend during boot using UM 15.10 (I am currently trying UM 16.04 beta on it which apart from one time; went into suspend during bootup!).

Have you checked your settings in Control Center > Look and feel > Screensaver/Power manager?. :smiley:

Download link for Ubuntu Mate 14.04.2:

So I have to use 14.04 instead. Now in using UM 15.10.

I would try 14.04 as like I said earlier, 15.10 kept suspending even though I had not selected suspend at any time!. :smiley: