Soundcard detected, but no sound, maybe it is just because of mute setting

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My PC is old, it is LGA 775 mainboard. When installing Ubuntu MATE 22-04, it's don't have sound came out to my speakers. I have been trying many different profile for sound setting from Menu > Preferences > Sound in Hardware section and got no luck.

Then i run MATE terminal , type alsamixer and displayed like this:

look like Front is muted.
to unmute, use left/right arrow to select Front and then press M

But, this is anoyning because everytime Ubuntu start, Front became muted again and i must manually switch to unmute. To workarround this problem i create:

amixer -c 0 set Front unmute

make startup item from Menu > Preferences > Startup Applications then Add.
in Command section, write code above.

Screenshot at 2022-12-21 21-54-47-edit

NOTE: different soundcard has different name for audio output, for example, maybe it has name Speaker or other name, so the command become:

amixer -c 0 set Speaker unmute