Split screen 4 ways


I'm looking for input on my next project. I would like to split my screen 4 ways.

My first thought is to use compiz, but this xtile (and marco) package looks good too.


I don't want to switch to a tiled window manager.
Anyone else doing this?

Running 16o4/64bit.

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I like what x-tile can do with marco, but it has some hang ups or just plain buggy. FF, Chrome, LibreOffice all go to assigned locations, but mate-terminal and pluma will not stick. Only had one minor bug at launchpad. Here's a pic (using a VM for testing)

Going to play with it some more, really like to get it working.

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Have you tried to disable workarounds for windows ? (Maybe will fix the bugs)
To do it just open dconf-editor and go to /org/mate/Marco/general and check disable-workarounds.
By the way compiz.org is deprecated hasn’t been updated for years . Compiz development now takes place in Launcpad by a small team .

Marco has a option to tile the windows via shortcuts .

Thanks, gave disable-workarounds a try and no, not the answer.

Did some more digging and found this at launchpad.

“x-tile (2.5-3) unstable; urgency=medium”

I think its not going to be usable with marco.

I also find that compiz is limited. Tile size is fixed.

I looked for tiling for marco/metacity and found only the stacking option.

Well after messing around with code and programs, I seem to have found the best answer for me.

I think by far that x-tile would be the best choice if only it was maintained. I also tried some other so called gui tiling programs (example; devilspie) and found them to be more of a mix of code and gui (a UI?). The best option for me seems to be “wmctrl”. This program has several uses one of which is tiling and it supports metacity. Its a terminal only program which makes it somewhat painful to work with, but my needs have changed and this looks like the best option for me.

I have found out that I was not happy with a 4way split on the larger monitor and a simple split screen (two windows) is the way I went. I also found out that I like a 3way screen on a VM (like the pic above). Such simple layouts are doable (for me) using wmctrl and marco. I have found some scrips on line that claim to automate this process with wmctrl, but they either only partially worked or were buggy.

Maybe I have overlooked a simpler solution (I like simple); leaving this thread open for now.

You can create a bash script with zenity gui to easen the things


Best answer

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why not use i3 wm ? You can set the default mode to be floating windows . and you can tile them the way you wan’t you can even reseize the containers with the cursor .

Nothing wrong with i3, I have ran Bodhi linux in the past and was quite surprised by its performance and endless i3 options. I’m just comfortable with marco since I came from metacity and I can now use compiz. An option that was buggy in my 12.04 Fallback install.

Bodhi doesn’t use i3 . It used Enlightenment and now Moksha Desktop .

Right you are, e17 and not i3, its been a few years :slightly_smiling:

@IvCHo @anon42388993 could you explain what you did or how you learned what to do with the zenity suggestion? Any scripts, or guidance would be lovely.
Currently using Ubuntu Gnome 3.2x but may be switching to mate if necessary.
I have a 55" 4k display I want to cut into 4 2x2 1080p virtual displays. To be clear, I am wanting to be able to choose fullscreen on a program and it will automatically only fill the quarter of the full display I choose. Please advise, and that’s for any info you can provide. :slight_smile:

Well I could write a script … ,but I am lazy .
You wan’t to tile the windows . There are some ways to do it :
Compiz ,
These extensions for gnome :
Can be found https://extensions.gnome.org/ .
also there is quicktile .