Spotify keeps forgetting my password

Spotify (installed through the Software Boutique) often forgets my password, requiring me to log on each time I start the application. I would be very grateful for any suggestions on how to fix this.

System information
  • Spotify version, Copyright (c) 2016, Spotify Ltd
  • Ubuntu 16.10
  • Linux thinkpad 4.8.0-34-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 21 17:24:18 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Hi @Ewan,

does this help?:


It sounds like you are running some sort of cleaning program like Bleachbit or something similar that may be wiping out your files.

Thanks for the reply! This seems to have fixed it.

(I removed ~/.config/spotify and restarted Spotify). I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if it happens again.

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OK, this problem has returned, and I can’t tell what is causing it.

It does sound like the preferences are being deleted at login (@qaztacos), but I’m not running anything like BleachBit, and this is a new installation (about 11 days old) of UM 16.10. Also the ~/.config/spotify/ directory is not being deleted at login.

The problem occurs intermittently, and doesn’t always need a reboot/login to trigger.

I’ll keep trying various solutions. For now, I’m going to remove the version from the Software Boutique, and install via the instructions on Spotify’s website. This will probably have no effect, but not sure what else to try.

Marking as unsolved for now.

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