Springtime wallpaper


I’ve just created a wallpaper for the recent spring. If you like it, I’ve can create more pictures of flowers.


Hi @Alinka,

I like the picture but the Ubuntu Mate logo might be better placed on the bottom right or left as it distracts from the flowers, I would say bottom left is better?. :smiley:


Hi Wolfman,
thank you for your feed back.

I’ll think, bottom right might be better. :slight_smile:

Gimp is a a wonderful tool !


12-15 inches of snow forecast by Monday! Maybe this will ward it off?


Sometimes in April we had some inches of snow in Berlin too. April is crazy.
Sometimes you can see these pictures: Half ice on the seas, but sunshine and more than 20°C… and of course it could be a new wallpaper too (I know, that most Linux-Ubuntu-Users love penguins, but these animals don’t exist “normally” in Germany - only in zoological gardens) with the “three ducks on march” (without logo and icon) :smile:


Hi @wolfman,
Just for you:


Thanks @Alinka,

I’ve changed my mind, it would look better on the bottom right LOL!. :smiley: Only joking, it looks great. :thumbsup:


The joke liking Alinka just created version 3 . An old saw in Germany is: “aller guten Dinge sind drei” = “Three is the number of all good things” and therefore three is included:


And maybe the Mate logo of “three good things” can be published on the pic with the three ducks too? But my time for creating springtime-wallpapers is finished now, because I’ve to do the other two things. :wink:

Have a nice springtime! :sunflower:


Ich wünsche dir auch einen schönen Frühling!. I also wish you a nice spring. :smiley: