Start4x.elf: is not compatible, this board requires newer software, rpi4 (UBUNTU mate 20.04)

Hi there,
I am getting error don't know the reason,

It's showing : start4x.elf: is not compatible, this board requires newer software

I've checked firmware version it's up to date. 11th jan 2023 release, Raspberry pi 4 version is Rev1.5 8GB RAM.
Ubuntu 20.4 is required as it supports ROS noetic and later version of ubuntu don't support ROS1.
Also I've tried booting on Pi 3B+ it boots without any error.
please help me out of this.

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Hey @Shivam_Kulkarni,
im running into the same issue. did u find a solution for this?
thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello I found a similar issue, boot would not start and complained that start_x.elf was not compatible and needed newer software.

Turns out apparently my RPi 4 required a firmware update (odd because the RPi says it is from 2018).

I found the fix in this forum:

I copied manually all files start*.elf and fixup*.dat from this repo to the boot partition in the SD system-boot partition to update the firmware

After that it booted and started the set up process.

Unfortunately I am stuck again because the setup crashed during keyboard configuration...

Hope it helps you


The forum links to this PDF guide describing the firmware update process:

Also the new issue with Ubuntu MATE setup process crashing during keyboard configuration is very similar to the one described here: Installing Ubuntu mate - #9 by Zero Any ideas are welcome

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