Startup Disk Creator not working

Startup Disk Creator doesn't working. I can't import .iso files. How to fix it?

Typically, Startup Disk Creator looks in your Downloads folder to locate an iso to use.


Otherwise, you should click on Other... which opens a file finder window where you can select the folder where you have stored your .iso files.

Good luck @alihakimtaskiran .

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Thank you @mdooley. But it doesn't work anyway.

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How does it not work? Please describe an example. I'm assuming that you have downloaded an iso file.

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I select the iso file. But I can't see the file in iso list.

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Close the Startup Disk Creator and then reopen it. If it still appears not to work, then move the iso file to your Downloads folder before reopening Startup Disk Creator. That should do it.

Edit: I assume that you do have a suitable USB flash drive plugged in, right?

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Thank you. It's working

Startup Disk Creator not working on windows10 iso files. What is the best alternative.

Look at the following for some solutions to your situation -

Well, I have Ubuntu 22.04, a proper usb, and I have download a Gallium.iso
When I start the startup disk creator, it recognize the usb stick, but when i go to click on the iso image, nothing. Should I mount it first?

I'm having the same issue. It recognizes the USB, but no matter where I put the ISO or even if I manually select it, the ISO just doesn't appear and the button remains greyed out.

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