Status of Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for Raspberry Pi 3 B & B+?



FWIW, I have Ubuntu 18.04.1 / MATE 1.20.1 running on an ODROID XU4 and it is MUCH smoother and faster than a MATE install I did on a Pi. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Pi user and in fact have built a major work-related printed-circuit board interface gizmo around the Pi that works great. However, the Korean-built XU4 is a much more capable small computer than the Pi and is what I use for my cheap home Linux machine. The ODROID community is smaller but very devoted. Worth a look.

Check out the direct Pi3-to-XU4 comparison graphs in the links below:

Here’s a drop-in, ready -to-burn Bionic Beaver disk image for the XU4:


Does mainline kernel manage VPU video hardware decoding for pi ?
I am not sur about that, I think that only work wirh raspberry pi kernel and binary blob (32 bits only so armhf).
So I don’t think omxplayer neither tomxplayer will work with ubuntu kernels (~mainline).


Not currently, but it should do soon*. Patches for vc4 using v4l2 have been knocking about since early this year.

Ubuntu has a Linux-raspi2 kernel which is what is used in ubuntu-core and the server images.

*I say soon, but note that 6 years after the original pi, they still have not had a sound driver fully accepted into the mainline kernel.


I currently can’t install linux-image*raspi2 on my Pi 3. Wish I know what’s missing.

Edit: I just realized you’re the same guy who replied :smiley: