Status of Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for Raspberry Pi 3 B & B+?




Have you seen that a new Debian image has been made recently ?

I don’t know why more people don’t make their own images/installation media. For example, using the files I’ve already posted somebody could easily make a ubuntu-mate installer for 18.04.


Will MATE 18.04 or 18.10 for Raspberry Pi 3 be 64-bit or only 32-bit?


I hope that Ubuntu MATE on the Pi will use the linux-raspi2 kernel in the future instead of the Raspbian kernel. That way, you would have a 32-bit userland and kernel, and you could then install linux-raspi2:arm64 to enable support for 64-bit applications.


Does anyone know how exactly the Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and Ubuntu MATE images were setup so that on first boot, setup loads and lets you create your own user account? On my Debian ARM64 images, there’s already a default username and password, like on Raspbian Lite and older releases of Raspbian.


They just mimic an oem install. oem-config is part of ubiquity (the ubuntu installer). For pre-installed images there is a package jasper (jasper-initramfs) that also used to be used with oem-config, but that doesn’t seem to be used anymore. All are ubuntu packages, not sure if Debian has an equivalent in their repos.

Try an oem install from a ubuntu server image to figure out how it works.


oem-config-debconf is the text based frontend, which presumably must be portable to Debian?


why is there no longer an ubuntu mate on the raspberry pi 3?

abandoning ubuntu platform

no impetus/unsupported

no information / care

have done my best to support the platform always, for other people

cannot go forward

abandoning ubuntu


Well, the Christmas date has slipped. So let’s guess when 18.04 for RPi3B+ will be available… perhaps by 19.04 release?


Lets hope that before Xenial expires, Bionic would be ready to rock and roll for the Raspberry Pi 2/3/3B+


What you’ve written is understandable, but you are asking people to spend time on something, when you are not prepared to invest any time to help yourself (see your earlier comment Status of Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for Raspberry Pi 3 B & B+? ).

Ubuntu 18.04 has always been usable on the 3B+. An official image may not be available, but the wiki has carried instructions from release on how to boot the server image on a 3B/3B+. I don’t think these are hard to follow or overly long. Please edit the wiki if you can improve the instructions.

A couple of weeks later I made available unofficial xubuntu 18.04 arm64/armhf installers/images for the pi series. These are free to download and use.

Note, the pi foundation is very hostile to any distro that is not Raspbian. They upstream little and at a glacial pace. There is little incentive for distros to work on pi images.


Support for Xenial ends in 2026.

“Shuttleworth said Ubuntu 16.04, which is scheduled to reach its end of life in April 2021, will also be given a longer support life span.”


I’d love to help make images, but I had an annoying issue when creating an Ubuntu image with debootstrap. I installed a minimal Ubuntu base using debootstrap, but when I tried to restart dbus, it hung on “Starting system message bus”. /proc, /dev, /dev/pts, and /sys were all mounted.


Nevermind, installing the ubuntu-standard package solved the problem.


I’ve never build an image from the ground up. I’ve always used the build system that ubuntu uses to make the official images. I posted the scripts earlier.

You just need to edit ‘build-pi-iso’ and change xubuntu to ‘ubuntu-mate’. Run it and it will make the squashfs filesystem, before erroring out at syslinux (iso bootloader). Make whatever changes to ‘complete-iso’ and run it. You’ve then got a ‘live/desktop’ installer.


Still building the image at the moment. The Ubuntu MATE desktop (ubuntu-mate-desktop) has downloaded and is currently unpacking. I hope I’ll be able to release this image at some point for those willing to test. I’ve updated the bootloader files (bootcode.bin, *.dat, *.elf) to make sure that the image works on the latest Pi models.


64-bit Ubuntu MATE 18.04 running on the Raspberry Pi 3. Firefox Quantum works perfectly. Built-in WiFi also works.


If your 18.04 image works with the 3B+ I would be glad to test it whenever you are ready.



I’ve noticed a couple of inaccuracies on your GitHub ‘readme’ page though…

Linux-raspi2 receives regular updates and has support for the 3B+. In fact I think the updates are going to cause you problems with your choice of raspi3-firmware package (see comments in bug reports).

3D accelerated graphics should be available via an overlay. It certainly works on armhf with Linux-raspi2. Ubuntu-core boots with this turned on.


linux-raspi2 in bionic is stuck at 4.15 which reached EOL in April. I doubt this kernel has support for the 3B+ either. To fix this problem in my Ubuntu MATE 18.04 image, I had to update the bootloader by following the instructions on the Ubuntu Wiki.

Cosmic, on the other hand, has a newer linux-raspi2 kernel (4.18).


My New Years resolution is to stop arguing with people who are wrong on the internet…