Steam and AMD Driver

So, I installed Steam. I have a R7 260X and installed the fglrx driver. I take it AMD drivers are no where good enough for serious gamin yet? I heard good things about NVIDIA, but those drivers are proprietary.

You can use AMD’s proprietary driver (Catalyst) too if you want better 3d performance for gaming. Given that you are using Steam then you can’t be too bothered about proprietary code…

If you have a problem with proprietary drivers then don’t use either vendor, rip them out of your system, and use the integrated Intel GPU. Anything above a HD4000 is pretty good for gaming if you curb your expectations.

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The OP is already using fglrx, the package containing the proprietary Catalyst drivers for Ubuntu :smiley:

@Dustin_Brown Which version of fglrx are you running? Catalyst Omega (14.12 or 14.501) offers several performance improvements. I use it for the HD 5650 on my laptop...

My bad, life is so much simpler using Intel. I have a Mac mini with AMD graphics, not much fun using that with Ubuntu

@CGB Agreed! Intel graphics work very well with Ubuntu.
My Mac mini (Late 2012) has an Intel HD 4000 :smiley:

Hi Dustin,

go here and fill in the blanks, it will tell you what driver (if any) is available:

Yeah that stings, mate. I had the choice when I bought mine and went with the 2011 thinking the graphics performance would be better. I gave up USB3 for that thinking, 'Oh I can just use Thunderbolt'. We all know how that's turned out...

If I had wife approval I'd sell it on ebay and just buy a new Nuc.

Thanks for all your input guys. I just sold the r7 260 and am sticking to the integrated graphics in the g3258.

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