"Sticky" mouse click

I just installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 LTS on my new Lenovo T460 laptop and I’m having trouble with the behavior of the left mouse button.

Basically, on a regular basis, when I click on something, the click won’t release. So, the following sequence happens frequently:

  1. click on a window to bring focus to that window. (push left mouse button and release)
  2. move mouse down with the intention to click within that window
  3. window gets dragged down.
  4. Repeated clicking is required to “release” the click.

Concerning the install, I thought I installed everything with defaults. The only slightly atypical situation is that I disabled the touchpad in the bios. Somehow ubuntu found the touchpad and it’s active at the login screen. However, I then disable it during my MATE session - so presumably it’s not active anymore during a session.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as this has made using my new laptop frustrating in the extreme. Software/hardware problem?


My advice to you is first check if it’s not a hardware problem by trying another mouse, or the same mouse on a different machine.

I was in a similar situation as you a while back with weird mouse behaviour. I refused to believe it was the mouse’s fault because the behaviour manifested after an OS change.

Well, I changed mouse for one of the exact same model. The new one works.

Also check the mouse settings, some drag & drop and double click options can be really weird to adjust to.

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Thanks…I’ll try a different mouse. It would be a bit annoying if that’s the problem as the “mouse” I’m using is the one in the laptop.

I also concur @ouroumov that it could be a hardware fault.

I had the opposite problem a long while back where the mouse had random clicks… after cleaning the mouse buttons, it hasn’t happened since… just coincidence the system had updates. :wink:

Trackpads in my experience could act funny too if there’s dust, fingermarks or pressure on the surface making the hardware believe a finger is “tap and holding” a click, like here. Try giving the surface a good clean and check there isn’t pressure on one side of the touch pad.

I'm having the same problems. Still an issue in 2021. Disabled the touchpad on my laptop, tried 3 mice.