Still problems with Bluetooth

I tried the Impish version of Ubuntu, both the traditional and mate version. While with the traditional version there are no problems whatsoever in the use of my peripherals unfortunately with MATE the problems continue. First of all, now I do not recognize the mouse while the keyboard is, continue the continuous system blocks of processes related to bluetooth and the related sending of reports. Is there any hope that a stable solution for bluetooth will finally be found?

On Ubuntu MATE 21.10 it may be caused by Blueman - see the issue at

For my old Logitech M555b Bluetooth Mouse the following method helped:

  1. click on Bluetooth tray indicator
  2. click on Devices
  3. in the opened window uncheck ViewHide unnamed devices
  4. try to find Bluetooth peripheral again by clicking Search button

I have made further tests but the BT system is not working or working badly. Continue to submit crash reports. I tried again with another BT mouse same problems. I have tried again with normal Ubuntu (impish live) and everything works fine, thanks anyway.