Storing Alsamixer Settings



The general rule of thumb of storing alsamixer settings is to run the following command:

sudo alsactl store

If it doesn’t work, like in my case, then we have to do the following things:

  1. Open alsamixer as superuser: sudo alsamixer.

  2. Change whatever you want.

  3. Exit alsamixer and run: sudo alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state store
    This creates a asound.state file in your home directory’s .config folder and stores the current alsamixer settings in it.

  4. Now we create a .desktop file in the /.config/autostart directory so that our asound.state file can be loaded each time our machine reboots, thus making our alsamixer available the way we want it to.
    We now run: sudo nano ~/.config/autostart/alsarestore.desktop
    This will create and open our .desktop file in the nano editor. We put the following lines in the .desktop file:

    [Desktop Entry]

Exec=alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state restore

Save and exit and our work is done!

I hope this process works for everyone as it did for me. I found the solution in askubuntu. Hopefully, it will make the Tutorials & Guides section richer and friendlier…

Good days!:slight_smile:

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