Strange icons in Notification area

3 Strange icons appeared that do not seem to do anything no ideas what they are. How do I upoad a screenshot? one is an up/down arrow one a 9 the other an A all have a circle around them/

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Up/down arrow, 9 and A are shown when Enable keyboard LED is set in MATE Tweak

Captured screen images can be uploaded by dragging them on the forum text entry field.

Alternatively, use an image hosting website and add the link using
<img> image hosting web link goes here </img>

ahh great thanks for the info I have now turned it off and all is well with the world.

Hi, my first post here.
Any idea what these funny symbols mean or do?

I don’t know about the up/down arrow but the 9 indicates NumLock is pressed so your numeric pad generates numbers instead of cursor movements. The A indicates CapsLock is on so everything is typed upcase.

Hi, apologies for late reply.

Imagine one arrow will be scroll lock, and the other… well I’m not sure as now using a different distro. :blush: Hopefully someone will soon pop along with the answer. :slight_smile:

I believe that indicates that you’re connected to a wired network, if you have that notification turned on. I use wireless, so I can’t verify it. As I remember, hovering your pointer over it should give you bytes up/down since your last connection.

DaveB has just solved my delema.
My Lenovo Thinkpad does not have a Capslock light but in the dreded10 i believe there is an app that shows when it's on or something like that, so i was looking to see if there was something like it in Mate and low and behold here it is
Bless you DaveB