Strange Mode Starts With Software Updater

I didn’t post in support because I have much to do next time this happens. At this point, I’m really curious if anyone else sees this?

I’m pretty sure Software Updater, when trying to inform of an update from the background process, doesn’t make its window properly for compiz or something. Not only doesn’t it make a visible window but it places the whole desktop in a strange mode of focus and keyboard navigation corruption.

It’s like there’s a window stealing focus in another universe and not on my desktop. :grin: Of course, I suspect this window is Software Updater in some sort of limbo.

“Software Updater” appears in the Window List. I click on it.
I expect A Software Updater window to open and tell me updates.
Instead, the entry disappears but nothing visibly opens.
At this point, I’m in this strange mode.
Logout/Login clears it.

Without going into long detail, closing windows gets a phantom focus where even Alt+Tab no longer works. Clicking anywhere on a window or desktop sets focus and all is well… until I close the next window and it happens again.

System is 16.04 x64 with Mate 1.14.1 update running compiz. Next time I’m going to switch to Marco to see if Software Updater makes an appearance.

I’ve noticed this Software Updater quirk, I’m not sure why this happens… but it’s only when it’s found updates minimised in the background.

Instead of logging out, you can just kill off the software-manager process. :slight_smile:

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Great and Thanks! I’m not going nuts. :relieved: Both Compiz and Marco?

I did some searching and surprised I couldn’t find it mentioned somewhere. A mouse user may not even notice but us keyboard navigators are dead in the water.

I haven’t tested Marco. :blush: If I vaguely recall… in the past, clicking on it just minimises itself back to the tray.

Re-reading your first post, I too get that ghost window effect, clicking… but not focusing… like the window was never there. I think Compiz eventually crashes too on those rare days. :wink:

Try installing unattended-updates amd see if the issue persists please.

Hi @Wimpy I haven’t changed anything yet but…

Just got a security update but before opening the “Software Updater” in the window list, I first switched from compiz to Marco-no-composite. Definitely compiz only! I have the Marco screen shots (Software Updater was a rather small window but it was there!).

I believe the background Software Updater only comes up with security updates? I found the package unattended-upgrades so I imagine no auto notifications will occur from SU, right?

Installed unattended-upgrades and watching what happens to the update list.


OK, I think I get the idea. No notify no strange mode.

Unattended-upgrades installed 3 security updates
that didn’t cause background Software Updater to notify
that caused the Windows List I would have clicked
that hosed the desktop that compiz built. :grinning:

I had a raspbery pi running, and once i some weeks it crashed. According to the logfile the crashes occurred wile updating. So I closed unattended updates. Hope it keeps running unattended :slight_smile: