Strange problem with gtk themes (window border) theme not applying with compiz

Hi there people!

I am using the latest Ubuntu Mate desktop with Compiz enabled, in the previous distro i could easily use gtk themes with Compiz, everything applies fine except for the window borders… Some theme window borders work and others just fail…

Here´s an example of what happens when i log out and log back in:

I did not have this issue with the previous version of Mate…

How do i resolve this?



Hi Watts,

Same here. You have a solution yet??

Maybe @Watts found a solution by now.

I have extra themes installed. Could you post a couple of were working, but now non-working themes (borders) so I don’t have to hunt them down thank you.

Hi there people,

First off sorry for the late reply but i was pretty busy! I have not found a solution to solve the issue, but i went and installed Emerald instead. I know it sounds drastic to do so but it was my best bet, and i am happy with this workaround so i will leave it this way.

This is what i did to get Emerald to work:

Hope this is of help!

Cheers, God bless and happy holidays!


borders in /usr/share/themes work, in local folder dont work


I did not have a local theme (~/.themes) so I stuck one in there (Green-Submarine) and no border problem. I am running 16.04 so this is not a very good test for what I assume is 15.10, just what I can do.

I tweak compiz a lot. Actually too much, got a glitchy system right now. Maybe I should also be trying emerald. Thanks for putting the thought in my head :slight_smile:

Cool thank you oshikuru!!! :joy:

And thank you v3xx for sharing your thoughts!



Hi everyone, yes, that was I found too.

Create a synlink pointing to ~/.themes, inside of /usr/share/themes, this wil help.

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sudo ln -s ~/.themes/ /usr/share/themes/
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Hi, im using Mate 19.04 with compiz and still have this issue with Window Boarder wont apply from the theme i install in ~/.theme amd have aslo tried to synlink it to /usr/share/themes. The only themes that work is the default installed ones that im not happy with, is it impossible to customize mate with new themes then compiz window manager is used?
All themes works fine if i use Macro Window Manager, but then i get a boooring desktop :frowning:
Can just as well go back to Windows, the desktop effects was a big reason for me to begin to use Linux

With compiz, you can use Windows decorations for GTK themes or emerald themes. For use emerald, open CompizConfig in "Window Decoration", set to emerald --replace
To use decorations GTK, clear to default the command in Windows decoration.
You can find a lot emerald decorations themes here:

GTK themes here:

Ok, thanks. But where should i place the emeral files to get them to apply?

I figured it out, the new compiz theme did apply after i log out and in again

Thanks! I found this after a long time.

Here's what I did:

#1 cd ;  mv .themes .themes.x
#2 ln -s  /usr/share/themes
#3 sudo cp -r .themes.x/* /usr/share/themes/
#4 sudo cp -r .icons/* /usr/share/icons/
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