Struggling to recover the login window I was used to

I come from Ubuntu Mate Focal.
I noticed with Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Arctica is the default greeter and packages lightdm-settings and slick-greeter are not installed.
So I installed lightdm-settings and, to replace Arctica, I used the procedure pointed here:

This way I can easily set a background image using an interface ("Login Window" in Control Center), though the background in the password input boxes is white and I cannot tell why. It wasn't white before with Ubuntu Focal. In general I'm very inexperienced with this area of the operating system and I cannot even tell whether putting apart Arctica Greeter was really needed or not.

I'm momentarily lost, and disappointed too: I found the mentioned lost functionality very handy and now I have to struggle to have it back.

Thanks in advance!


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