Stuck in login screen UM 16.10

I went to control center>users and groups and changed in my account admin to “not ask for password at login”, after the next boot I get a login screen without password all fine,then I clicked the access button and goes black and back to login screen.

I can access guest account but not my account any help?

I have run into a few bugs like this and at first I would try and figure out the problem.

The problem I found out was I really didn’t have the first clue what to look for in many cases. Not because I am stupid, I just don’t know enough about a certain area Linux and really didn’t have the time nor the energy to track it down.

My Solution was simple. do a quick re-install and make sure you have what you need set, set. Linux is Great for this because it will NOT overwrite any of you /home directory if you tell it not too.
This is how I learn. I poke and peek / cut and paste / shuck and Jive all over it just to see what I can make it do. ( Lots of Notes )

Anyway instead of trying to figure out something that maybe impossible to explain over a keyboard you might think about slamming a new copy on with (Do Something Else) during the install and let Linux-MATE reinstall the software that is currently on your box. Granted you may need to add a PPA or two if the software is not in the Ubuntu Repo but your data should still be there.

My Install Partitions
512mb Primary - Ext4 Filesystem - /Boot
30720mb (30Gig) Primary - Ext4 Filesystem - /
8192mb (8Gig) Primary - Swap area (Make Swap same as amount of RAM if 8 or less only 2or3 Gig for more Ram)
Primary -Ext4 - /home

( these numbers always change from box to box + I am on 16.04.1 and I think 16.10 is doing something different with the installs but I am unsure at this moment & yes there are other ways to part a box this is just how I do it so I don’t ever worry about a re-install)

Good Luck

Yes, good suggestion I decided to go to UM version 16.04 considering 16.10 is full of bugs and incomplete in my opinion.

Are you trying to accomplish autologin for your user? In other words: after boot you end up on the desktop, without login screen being shown?

I’m guessing the guest account doesn’t have sudo rights, so you can fix things by booting in live session (using live CD or USB stick), mounting the root partition and editing (with sudo) /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf so that it reads:


And the lightdm.conf file itself might not exist - you may have to create it. I just did this in a 17.04 beta partition and, after booting, went straight to the desktop instead of the login screen.

Good luck Pablo_Perez_Gutierre.

No, I do get to login screen, but when I click “access” (I toggled “dont ask for password” at control center), it bounces back to login screen.

I tried 16.04 instead