Subdued, simple, elegant, . . . but how 'bout chaotic and infinitely complex?

G'day mates!

A lot of interesting stuff here in the Multimedia Showcase. Much enjoyed.

My desktop seldom has a MATE theme, and not for a long, long time. I go beyond clean. I like an empty desktop, just a photo or image that's caught my eye. Everything hidden, no icons, no panels or docks visible.

My login screen? That does have a MATE theme. And this has been my login screen for quite some time now:

I modified an older MATE desktop and overlaid it on an image I generated from the Mandelbrot set. My login personalized as it were with something I find of great interest. It always catches my eye when I go to log in. Not very efficient when I consider how often I stop to look at or ponder some part of it. Well my desktop images often cause the same inefficiency.

Now that I'm posting it, and have been tweaking it a little, I'm thinking maybe I should try it as my desktop for a while.

The 4K version is here:

It kinda begs to be seen in 4K


You should name it: LSD
because of its reminding of 70's posters
But for "Luminary Stimulating Display"


p.s. can someone remember us how to change the picture in the back of the login screen (UM 21.04) ?

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