Support of gtk 2 in latest mate that comes with ubuntu 20.04

Hi I am running happily ubuntu mate 16.04, however the latest nvidia supported driver is 430 and I need newer than that.

Does ubuntu mate 20.04 support following:

run gtk 2.0 themes?
edit colors of the themes that support it?

Hello, welcome!

run gtk 2.0 themes?

I'm afraid not, unless your theme has been updated to include a GTK 3 variant. MATE is now GTK 3 only, though the pre-installed GTK 3 themes still include support GTK 2 for applications that use the older toolkit.

edit colors of the themes that support it?

GTK 3 doesn't support this, so you'd need to edit the theme's variables. Though, if you happen to be using the default Ambiant/Radiant-MATE themes, the :ubuntu_mate: Welcome application has an option to choose a coloured variant provided by the ubuntu-mate-colours project.


Hi Kalle,

what Nvidia GPU do you have?.

See also: :smiley:

...I would like so much to be able to run 435 drivers in ubuntu 16.04;)