SWAP-Partition missing



Hi! Just a short question. I am just moving from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu Mate 18.04. After installing it parallel to windows 8.1 I noticed that there is no extra SWAP-Partition on my harddrive. So there‘s m question: Do you have to do this manually? Do I have to do it at all? And if I have to do it manually, do I have to create the partitions first within windows and if so, how big should the SWAP-partition be. With my last Ubuntu-installation this came automatically. I once read somewhere that there are no SWAP-Partitions within Ubuntu any longer but SWAP-files but I don‘t know if this is right and if this is as good as a SWAP-partition. You might have noticed that I am not a Linux/Ubuntu…-pro. So thank‘s in advance for your answers!


Ubuntu now uses a swap file by default instead of a separate swap partition.

SSD optimization on Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1

Thx! And does it the same work in the same quality?


I think so, or they wouldn’t have switched over :wink: AIUI, there’s essentially no performance difference, and it’s easier to change or resize the swap file.


Additionally, on a relatively new 64 bit system with 4GB or more of memory, swap is rarely used.


Ok that sounds fine! Thanks!