Switch the orange "close" button to a green or red one by default?

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Hey guys !

There has always been something that just seemed plain weird to me while using Ubuntu MATE, and it’s having the close button with the default theme be… orange?

It just looks very weird to me, since the entire system is all green and this button comes straight from Ubuntu with its orange.

I understand that having a green close button could be quite weird UX-wise (User Experience), so I think it could either be changed to a red button (to match the classic red on all mainstream OSes) or to a green one (to correspond to the entire green theme of Ubuntu MATE)

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Hello. You can try wonderful themes, created by RAVEfinity team

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Wow, these themes really look incredible, I’ll have a look at them asap! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I use Ambiance-Themes (currently using Spring Blue) which changes the window buttons.

I’d vote for changing the close button colour to green, it would bring a subtle change in the next release.

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I also think Ubuntu MATE's default theming is a bit inconsistent. The orange close button always bothered me.

Like @lah7, I'd also vote to change the close button to a different color (rather than orange) in future releases.

Personally, I think the Mint-Y dark theme and Vibrancy dark green icons work well together. They stay true to MATE's green color scheme while giving everything a much sleeker look.