Switch User button remove

I am using Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 X64 with UEFI boot.

I want to remove “Switch User” button from Logout / Lock Screen options.

please guide

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I have not tried to disable switch user, but I did come across this.

Gconf has been replaced with Dconf Editor so some hunting on your part will be necessary.


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Here are two settings, the first will (hopefully) do what you requested and the second will remove user swithing from the Lockscreen (mate-screensaver).

In terminal, make the settings:

dconf write /org/mate/desktop/lockdown/disable-user-switching 'true'
dconf write /org/mate/screensaver/user-switch-enabled 'false'

In terminal, to verify:

dconf read /org/mate/desktop/lockdown/disable-user-switching
dconf read /org/mate/screensaver/user-switch-enabled

Prefer graphical user interface? Use dconf-editor and navigate to the keys in question (you can see the paths above).

You need package dconf-cli installed to use the dconf command in terminal and package dconf-editor to use the graphical editor (the latter is possibly installed by default, not sure).

ADDED: Using the gsettings utility is the preferred way these days. See my post further down this thread on how to change these settings using gsettings.


I wonder if better to do it in mate.

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Ah, you are right - as always. I’m willing to almost swear that the key wasn’t there when I looked, so I looked in the org.gnome schema instead - and found it. I will edit my answer accordingly, thank you.

Don't lay it on too thick :grinning:

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Thanks everyone.

While we are using lock screen option that time getting dialogue box to unlock, in same screen one more button appear “Leave Message” how to disable this button.

I have not seen this "leave msg" button, but here is what lockdown has in the editor.

On using dconf CLI tool to change settings: I did some research and gsettings seems to be the preferred way to interact with the settings backend(s) these days, if one wants to do it in terminal. It operates using a higher level API. I also find it easier to type schema IDs that use . as a separator than schema paths that use /.

From dconf man page:

The dconf program can perform various operations on a dconf database, such as reading or writing individual values or entire directories. This tool operates on dconf directly, without using gsettings schema information. Therefore, it cannot perform type and consistency checks on values. The gsettings utility is an alternative if such checks are needed.

So, to disable fast user switching using gsettings:

gsettings set org.mate.lockdown disable-user-switching true
gsettings set org.mate.screensaver user-switch-enabled false

To check:

gsettings get org.mate.lockdown disable-user-switching
gsettings get org.mate.screensaver user-switch-enabled

Futher reading:
Great explanation on differences between dconf and gsettings (and schema id and schema path):

See also:


I've tried to find that setting with no luck so far. Some old bug reports (like this and this) make me suspect there are no user configurable settings for the Leave a message -feature.