Switching to U18 from more recent kernel 4.16.3?

Hi all,
Here at home we are living on quite recent Tuxedo laptops with Ubuntu 16.04LTS, and obviously we couldn’t but hear the annoucements around U18LTS.
But, not only all our applications are perfectly up to date (including the ones in the distro), but our kernels too are more recent than the one in 18LTS (being on 4.16.3).
While I wouldn’t expect problems re-upgrading the kernels from U18 4.16.2 to 4.16.3, I fear trouble during the auto-upgrade processes.
Is there a risk that the ‘kernel regression’ involved in the process wreaks havoc?
Let me add that in spite of the seemingly wise text above, I am not a rocket scientist as concerns linux, and if the solution is to manipulate twenty commands with arcane modifiers, I, well, er…
Thank you!!

I was forced to use the UKUU manager because of problems with the graphics card and kernels with Ubuntu MATE 16.04

My advice is to first install all the necessary programs and then update the kernel
This is because some programs are connecting to the kernel during the installation (gCDemu, for example)

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ukuu

(make sure to set the parameters in the Settings)

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do not try to install 4.16.4 or 4.16.5 (incomplete)

and I always ask myself is it safe to take such vital thing like a kernel from a unofficial repository that did not pass the Ubuntu team check?

the newer kernel is always automatically selected as the first
all versions below are available after turning on the computer
and selecting Advanced Options in GRUB menu

Thank you Vladimir!
Indeed I used Ukuu to handle my kernel updates in 16.04, and in effect I did crash when reaching 4.16.4, and did revert to 4.16.3 with Grub at boot time.
But, again the above looks like I know far more than in reality.
My concern is the following : I never ran the process of an Ubuntu upgrade (bought both laptops with 16.04 preinstalled) and I do NOT want to restart from scratch reinstalling / resetting all prefs. Among others, for the email databases that I painfully imported from MacOSX, I just won’t redo this (or else it’s simple : my SO will get out and rebuy a mac).

So, my concern about this upgrade is twofold:

  • can I upgrade maintaining all apps settings and databases (e. g. Thunderbird)?
  • can I upgrade “in a simple way” knowing that I start from a more recent kernel than the one in the target U18LTS?

Thank you!


As I mentioned stay away from 4.16.4 and 4.16.5 something is not correct.
Especialy the size of kernel - instead of aprox. 50Mb it is only few Mb
Did you notice - new kernel only can be larger in size.
Offered updates are somehow incremental and not standalone.

About your quoestion the answer is simple - kernels of te 18.04 will be installed but will be not activated. Kernel 4.16.3 will be on the top.

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