Switching users causes invisible mouse pointer

I’m running up to date 16.04. I have 2 user accounts on a docked Dell 4310 with external monitor. When switching between accounts I am experiencing multiple issues. Most recently the mouse pointer disappears. I found an old forum that says launching a terminal CTR+ALT+T and typing ls works. It does work for me. Very inconvenient espeically for the wife. Also recently switching users messes with the multi monitor set up. Any one out there with similar issues? No mouse pointer sucks. Thanks


this may be down to how you have users and groups set up, take a look at each users profile and see if that helps:

See the following link for more info about U & G:

Thanks for the documentation. I will look through it. This problem just popped up in the past week following an update. I have been running Mate 16.04 since Alpha 2 without issue. Wanted to see if a recent update has caused anyone else issues.

Hi out there again. I have replicated the problem on a separate PC. I have 2 Users both with Admin rights. The problem occurs when you lock the screen then click switch users. You log in as the 2nd user then the mouse pointer will be invisible. I am able to highlight icons and click on items but I have no visible mouse pointer. I can fix the problem by ctl+alt+T and typing ls. This is a temporary fix. I sure hope something gets updated soon to fix this.

Here is a Bug link to my similar situation (Unity). My issue only occurs when switching users. Most of the posts here state it happens upon log in.