Synchronize calendar and contacts from thunderbird to Android?


I have been trying to synchronise my calendar and contacts coming from thunderbird to my android phone. I don’t want to use gmail, does anyone have a robust package or software to do so ?

Thanks for your help

Perhaps this will help:

Good luck Fameopaty.

I am not aware of any way of synchronizing the data without any server in between.

The easiest way would be to choose an email provider who supports open standards and sync your devices with them.

I use Posteo and CALDav and Open Tasks (also available from F-Droid).

I concur with Scytale : you need to pass info from one device to the other, which means either a server, or a manual transfer each time.

I for one use a generic ftp server, on which

  1. I upload simple .ics files from my Thunderbird calendars, a process that requires a couple of clicks once set
  2. I subscribe to these from the Android calendar. For this I have installed a specific extension, named ICSdroid, for which one don’t need Google (you find it on F-Droid). This once set is fully automatic, you just need to update the andro calendar.

If you don’t want a server in between and would accept manual .ics file transfers, I know there are also “.ics importers” on F-Droid -but again this is fully manual each time…

Thank you very much for this advice. Birdiesoync seems very adapted to my case. Stil, it’s not free. So do you know if there is any free way to do so ? Otherwise, I might use this one.

Anyway, many thanks mdooley !

Thank you Herve5 for this precise answer.
It seems to me a little bit complicated as I don’t have any server, and a manual transfer could be fastidious.
Thanks anyway for your detailed answer

Thank you scytale.
Posteo might be the good idea for me, as I don’t have any server for the moment. It seems to be an email provider, and recently, they also developed a way to sync calendars for the same price.
I guess there is there no free way to do the same thing ?..