Syncing menu entries


I am using Ubuntu Mate on several computers and trying to make it easier to sync settings and applications on different computers, so I am interested whether anyone has experience with the following.
As a web browser, I mostly use Firefox or Vivaldi, but I like to use some web applications in Chrome "App mode" (Create shortcut -> Open as window). When a shortcut is made that way, Chrome makes a launcher on the desktop and a link in the menu under Chrome Apps, which suits me.
I have 15 to 20 such shortcuts on websites and I wonder if there is a way to sync these shortcuts between computers. It seems to me that it should be possible, as they do not represent the installation of an application but an chrome shortcut with a specific app-id argument for each page.
I understand that the menu entries are stored in ~ / .local / share / applications / and that I could write simple script that uses rsync or similar application to sync files with online storage service, but I don't know how to sync only the listed Chrome Apps and whether is it, regarding security, wise to sync contents of that folder.

Thanks for the help

On Firefox, Settings > sync you an create an account with a strong password. Then you go to another computer and use that same sync and all your bookmarks, folders, etc will appear on the second, third, .. computer. Desktop shortcuts might work with an rsync method you described.

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