“System program problem detected” ubuntu livepatch

I get the same message after every boot “System program problem detected” do you want to report this. I click yes. It seems to be a problem with Ubuntu Livepatch. After Googling it, this terminal command has worked sudo canonical-livepatch refresh. How do I stop this message from recurring?

According to Ubuntu, this problem is if my software is out of date or if I have blocked a port using the firewall; neither is the case. My software is up to date and all necessary ports are allowed. This is a small annoyance; Ubuntu Mate works fine. But if you can help me remove this small bug I will be very grateful.

Thank you

“System program problem detected” Pop-up not going away
Delete files here: /var/crash
sudo rm /var/crash/*

"An error occured when checking for Livepatch updates." Will Livepatch fail to update in the background if I simply remove /var/crash/? Can I somehow make the command sudo canonical-livepatch refresh automatic on every boot?

/var/crash does not effect the Canonical Livepatch service. It is where crash files are stored and sometimes does not get cleared automatically when submitting the report.

Once you enable Canonical Livepatch and have enrolled it, it will run automatically in the background you do not need to manually refresh it.

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It fixed itself or the developers fixed it via updates. I have Livepatch problems if I forget to turn the router before I turn the computer on. But it is to fix: sudo canonical-livepatch refresh.

Problem solved. Thanks you developers

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