Systemback questions

I saw in a post someone using Systemback.

I am using Clonezilla.

It looks interesting.

But does it only work when you are able to boot into Ubuntu?

Yes, you must boot into an ubuntu into which you have installed Systemback.
See - Using Systemback

From within your system you can do several things with Systemback and among them is creating a live usb that you can use to restore your borked partition.

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@fixit7 I would be interested in your opinion on SystemBack. I am currently using ReDo and looking for an alternative as ReDo is no longer supported. I have tried Clonezilla, it works but much more tedious than ReDo. I looked at SysemBack, but it seems difficult. Also, with SystemBack, what happens if your system becomes unbootable, how do you recover? I am interested what you experience.

I like Clonezilla because it works if whole computer is bricked, it will restore to new.

SystemBack can’t do that.

And it uses more space than Clonezilla images.

Clonezilla really isn’t bad, It takes me about 15 minutes to make an image and have it checked.

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Thanks. Looks like I will be moving to Clonzilla with 18.04

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