Systemd - for what will 'remote-fs' needed?


I want to know for what will 'remote-fs' in systemd needed/what does it?

What does a remote file system do in Ubuntu?

Does it have the purpose to connect to my file system from outside?

Or is it for NFS?

Is it absolutely needed in systemd for the system or can I disable it with

I ask because I tweak my system.

TL;DR this is needed for remote/network file-systems like SMB/CIFS, SSHFS, NFS and so on. Some users need to add them to /etc/fstab to allow their auto-mounting.

So you are talking about two systemd related files:

File Packages
/lib/systemd/system/ systemd
/lib/systemd/system/ systemd

Where one can find their documentation? Let't try to get some info from running system:

$ cat /lib/systemd/system/remote-fs*.target | grep man | uniq 

So we should use man systemd.special locally or online to read the following:

Similar to, but for remote mount points.
systemd automatically adds dependencies of type After= for this target unit to all
SysV init script service units with an LSB header referring to the "$remote_fs" facility.
This target unit is automatically ordered before all mount point units (see above) and
cryptsetup devices marked with the _netdev. It can be used to run certain units before
remote encrypted devices and mounts are established. Note that this unit is generally
not part of the initial transaction, unless the unit that wants to be ordered before
all remote mounts pulls it in via a Wants= type dependency. If the unit wants to be
pulled in by the first remote mount showing up, it should use
(see above).

More stuff to read:

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thanks for the information @ Norbert_X

For system tweaking, is it safe to 'disable' and 'mask'

I ask because I don't use NFS, Samba and so on.

thanks for the information.

I do not expect any speedup, but you can try to disable and mask them.

Ok, will try it later @ Norbert_X.

Is there here in the forum a list / overview which Systemd services are not urgently needed?

I ask because I want to tweak my system extremely.

For example, on the Internet there are many sites about services tweaking where you can read which services are not urgently needed on Windows XP/Win7,Win8,Win10 machines.

Does this also exist for Systemd services?

If so, where can I find this on the internet. So far I have not found anything about it.

Good place to start is

with links to original projects. Not sure about list/overview.