Systemd 'SystemCallFilter' question


In Systemd,

what does this sign mean " ~ "

Does it mean SysCall @clock is excluded from SysCall filtering?

when I set it at:

[email protected]

Does it mean I filter out the SysCall name "@clock"?

If no?

Then the SystemCallFilter must set to:

[email protected]

to filter it out right?

SystemCallFilter= Takes a space-separated list of system call names. If this setting is used, all system calls executed by the unit processes except for the listed ones will result in immediate process termination with the SIGSYS signal (whitelisting). If the first character of the list is "~", the effect is inverted: only the listed system calls will result in immediate process termination (blacklisting).


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thanks for the info @ "pavlos_kairis"

I set this for my self-created systemd service file in /lib/systemd/system

SystemCallFilter=[email protected] @cpu-emulation @debug @keyring @module @mount @obsolete @privileged @resources @system-service

If I have understood you correctly,

SystemCallFilter=~SysCall-Name1 SysCall-Name2 SysCall-Name3 = Blacklist SysCalls?
SystemCallFilter=SysCall-Name = Whitelist SysCalls?


Pavlos hasn't responded yet, so I'll respond in his place.

To me, the second box appears to be correct:

So in short, yes!