Tablet PC, Elitebook 2730p, tablet screen doesn't work

Hello everyone.

So far I love the customization of the MATE desktop but for some reason the tablet PC I am using, which is Elitebook 2730p, the screen does not recognize my stylus/tablet pen.

The verison I am using is 14.10. I like to use 14.04 but I kept getting error 5 while I am trying to install the OS via live USB, so I am currently using 14.10 for now.

Have you tried the beta of 15.04 yet?

I have an old motion computing tablet le1600 and have installed ubuntu mate 14.04 no problem, the stylus works. The stylus does not work in 14.10 & 15.04. I had lubuntu 14.04 on it & the stylus worked, however when I upgraded to 14.10 & again to 15.04 it did not.
My problem now is in mate 14.04 onboard is available at login but does not function. Does anyone know how to make it work on the login screen?

Have you read this as there might be something there for you?: