Tags on the forum?

How do I add new tags when creating a new forum topic? When I click on the box it says "Search or create..." and what I assume are the most common tags appear. But how do I make a new one, as suggested, if it doesn't show up in the search? After writing, if I push enter on the keyboard nothing happens. If I click on the plus icon, the drop down menu simply disappears, same as when I click on anywhere on the tags box. Is it a bug somewhere or not allowed anymore? I'm using Firefox ESR 52.9.0 (32-bit) with NoScript allowing the top domain (google-analytics.com is the only other in the list)

And thinking of it, what is the point? Is the search function lacking?

Only moderators can create tags, but they haven't been touched in a long while. When we first enabled tags, it turned into a mess as there were too many tags with 1 topic and duplicates that meant the same thing.

The "Search or create..." will have been new in a recent update. I suppose it's a bug in the software, but as it's misleading, we'll get that changed.

:mag: The search feature isn't lacking, compared to another forum software I know, it's pretty good :+1: Tags are just an alternate if anyone wants to look up specific subjects or watch/track specific tags of interest.

Suppose you want to be the first to know about #security topics - enter the list and set it to watching or tracking:


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Just an aside, what is the software that runs this forum? I really like it.

It is Discourse, of course!

Also, in recent updates, we can now put tags into groups - I'll get them organised, so it looks less like a messy wall:


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@ lah7 I see. Thank you!

Could you add tags then? I suggest the terms "torrent" and "lts".

Btw the forum software is awesome. Fresh, clear and smart without being heavy on my old machines.

Sure, I've added bittorrent, its proper name. Instead of lts, I'd suggest using the specific release name, such as #18-04-bionic-LTS since topics for one LTS may not apply to the other.