TeamViewer for ubuntu mate

is it possible to use teamviewer on ubuntu mate
i have raspberry pi 3

if it is not how can i use raspberry remote connection…
but we are in university campus so port number is not our control (some remote connection needs to open specific port)
this is why iam asking teamviwer…

Teamviewer has a Linux version, but I don’t know if there’s an arm version for your rpi included in that “multiarch” denomination.

I don’t think there’s an equivalent to that software for the moment.

I’m using a trick to get the same NAT/Firewall traversal capability to do remote admin on computers for my family but it’s not trivial to set up.

You need:

  • A dedicated server (or VPS) with a static IP
  • An OpenVPN server running on that server
  • Credentials to your VPN for the target machines you want to administer and the machine you’re doing the admin from (source)
  • OpenSSH server on the target machine
  • Vino on the target machine set to listen on loopback interface (lo) and not ask confirmation and no password
  • Remmina on the source machine set to connect to the target using its IP in the VPN, and tunneling the connection through an SSH tunnel

After the recent flurry of bad reports of Teamviewer users having their info stolen personal details abused. I would steer clear (I got hacked!). But if you must I believe there is some software that emulates the Linux version that works under Raspbian, should also work under Ubuntu Mate?

Read more here.

“flurry of bad reports of Teamviewer users having their info stolen personal details abused.”

Can you private message me some details on that? I have a number of peers who use that a lot and I’d like to warn them if there’s a potential problem (and educate myself)