Telegram still remains after uninstall

Hello wonderfull people! This is the issue that im experecing rightnow:

  1. ive downloaded Telegram directly from the .tar.xz file available in
  2. somehow, few days later telegram shortcut stopped working (when i click to open, nothing happens)
  3. so i installed Telegram from Ubuntu Software Center (to try to solve the shortcut problem)
  4. problem was not solved
  5. i uninstalled Telegram from Ubuntu Software Center
  6. even after uninstalling it from Ubuntu Software Center, Telegram’s shortcut reamined visible in app’s drawer
  7. so i tried Synpnatic Package Manager to make a full uninstall of Telegram
  8. even after that, Telegram’s shortchut remains visible!

Anyone has any idea of HOW DO I FULLY UNINSTALL TELEGRAM to make sure that Telegram’s shortcut wont be visible anymore in app’s drawer?

Look in your home directory for a hidden folder /.config and look in it for a telegram configuration file. Even when you purge a package the home directory is not touched.

Hi @bipenett,

use the Ubuntu PPA:

@anon42388993 is sort of on the right lines. I presume the desktop launcher is still visible in the menu or dock?

  1. Open Caja and press CTRL+L, then copy and paste this address:

  2. Start typing "telegram" and it should jump straight down to a telegram launcher.

  3. Delete any telegram entries and poof, it's gone!

It's likely as you've ran it locally, the program decided to add a desktop launcher manually for you so it shows up in the menus. This is just deleting that "shortcut", even though it's gone from your system.

Telegram is also available to install from the :ubuntu_mate: Software Boutique too.

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oops, I didn't know that!. :frowning: