Tell me how to assign a path to a new icon


I'm new to Linux & Ubuntu...

I've been using Ubuntu Mate for about a week now & loving it!! Finally, a worthy Windows adversary! (IMO, of course)

Anyway, there are many areas for me to learn. Today I successfully added a new icon to my desktop.I wanted this new icon to open a particular path so that essentially, it would become a short cut, but I couldn't figure out how to assign the icon the path I want it to open..

Can someone clue me in, please???


Do you mean you want to change the icon ?

Show us what you have so far.


I don't know how to show this, but I'll attempt to describe...

I added the icon by right clicking the desktop and then selected 'create folder' then I right clicked the newly created folder/icon and then selected 'rename'

From there, I right clicked the icon again & selected 'properties'. I repeated the properties several times. I was able to change its colors & added an emblem.

I never did see a way to assign this icon a particular path. Whenever I double click it to open it, all I get is a blank window similar to my 'home' folder/icon.


Are you wanting an icon on your destop to open a file manager to a particular folder?

If so do this.

  Right click destop
 Create launcher
 In the command section put your path.
And put a name in the name section.

ex. caja /home/andy/Downloads


If I understand you correctly, you have created a folder on your desktop. Then you renamed that folder. Now, you would like to change the folder icon.

Note: Be careful with changing icons. Reason is that once you have changed an icon, it won't be included in case you change the desktop icon set. For example, if you don't like the default icon set and download a new one, if you change to the new icon set, your changed folder will not be updated automatically.

The current folder icons and program icons are generated by the desktop themes. When you start Ubuntu Mate for the first time, the theme Ambiance is default theme.

There are themes and icons already installed with the system.
They are stored in File system -> usr -> share -> and a folder called themes and another folder called icons.

If you want to change the icon of a folder on your desktop, you click on the icon and the (system) icon folder opens.
Now, you can change the icon. Tip: use the 48x48 folder.

You can also download other themes, but they are stored in a different location.

Your User directory -> .themes or .icons (the dot is purpose)

  1. Open Caja
  2. Press Ctrl + h
  3. you can now see the hidden folders.
  4. If you don't have .themes or .icons, then you can create them as folder and call them exactly the name (.themes or .icons).

I hope this helps.


Thank y'all for the replies, it is much appreciated!

First, I don't want to seem ungrateful. I apologize for the late reply. This is not normal for me. I just had other matters to attend to that I hope now are over with now...

Newhere: What you directed makes sense to me, but when I tried to follow your directions, I got stuck at the very beginning.

You said: If you want to change the icon of a folder on your desktop, you click on the icon and the (system) icon folder opens.

At this point, I opened the icon, all I get is a blank screen. The window title shows correctly the title of the icon.The menu bar (?) directly under the window title has the commands File, Edit, View, Places, & Help & below that is a blank/empty screen. I'm guessing that I'm in the file manager, Caja?

Then you said: use the 48x48 folder

I fail to see any option to set this...

Sorry if I seem to be a pain, I just don't understand all of this. I didn't go any further since I was lost & afraid to break something.


Hello PieLam

First of all, you need to click on Reply in order to answer, otherwise I don't receive a message that you have replied.

Reading your post again, I believe I misunderstood you. I suppose you want to have a shortcut on your desktop and if you click on it, then you are in your folder somewhere in the system.
This is done:

Go to your directory where your folder is stored. For example, go to Documents and in Documents, you have a folder Photos and Work. Now you want to have a shortcut from folder "Work" on your desktop. Right-click on Work and go to "Make Link". Now, you have a linked folder in your Documents folder called "Link to Work". Highlight the Link to Work and move it to the Desktop as shown in my screenshot.
You can rename the "Link to Work" on the Desktop and also change the icon as described in my text before.


Thank you!!!

That's all I was wanting, IE, a shortcut to my music folder... I kind of stated that in my original post, but not knowing how to best describe what I was meaning/needing, I'm sure was a good source of confusion.... Sorry 'bout that!

Anyway, all's well now, thanks to your help. I have a couple of other issues. Hopefefully , I can clear those up, if not, I'll be asking for help once again :slight_smile:

Switching from Win OS to Ubuntu, caused me to rearrange my PCs in my computer room. I also did a lot of rearranging with the addition of a new monitor & other hardware. (in case you wondered why I took so long to reply)


I’m glad that it was so easy.
I also switched last year to Linux and I’m not regretting that at all. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions :+1: