Terminal Scrolling Option

Hi, not sure if it a bug or not, but I'm wondering what is the option "Activer le terminal déroulant"? I mean it is scrolling by default, but it's not checked... So maybe I just don't understand what this is for or maybe it's a unknown bug... I've made several research before posting and found no topic about this option.

Many thanks to all


It activates the pull-down terminal.

If you check this box, then press F12, it will bring up the pull-down terminal.


Wow thanx! Wouldn’t have found that without your help! :slight_smile: Great feature then!

I guess the name in french is kind of tricky I though they were talking about the scrolling bar inside the terminal. Haha! :slight_smile:

Just remember, the “Pull-down terminal” people keep referring to is a separate instance known as Tilda. It is not associated with mate-terminal which is the default emulator.

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I was going to mention more stuff but I kind of fell asleep. Anyway, if you have a preferred terminal you want to run I am sure there is some way to bind its execution to a button and make it act similarly with enough regular expression magic in Compiz and CCSM.

While I like Terminator for its utility and capability to be like tmux without tmux, you may like Terminology for its fancy effects. Or you could be stupid-bonkers like me and try to get zsh with a fancy theme to load up in fbterm at a local shell session for giggles*.

*: …Which really isn’t that bonkers in hindsight, as you can define how many characters appear by changing fbterm’s font size rather easily and zsh is stupid powerful, but no common user needs their text-only environment to do that much.