Terminal won't open?

Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi2 running Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I'm not sure what happened but the mate-terminal will no longer open.

I've tried ctrl+alt+t as well as 'right click + open in terminal' and from the applications menu. From the applications menu, at the bottom I get the tab "starting terminal" but then it just disappears.

How can I fix this ? Thanks.

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Hopes it helps you. Seems python problem.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion but it is not the same issue. The only Python version I have installed is the default 3.5.2.

I noticed that my Network Manager is also not working and cannot start. This is directly related to the issue with the mate-terminal as well. The error is:

error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libidn.so.11: inavlid ELF header

I think this could have happened while trying to update and then having a power failure.