Text to speech software


If you use any text to speech software's that are free, I would love to hear about them, thanks in advance.


Thank you for asking this question.

I don't know if there software to read out pdf and office documents but there is espeak that can read-out text documents. I think it is part of default install?!

tried it, its awful.

You might want to look into Orca, which is installed on Ubuntu MATE by default. The "Accessibility" section of the Ubuntu MATE Guide provides info on how to activate it. This is the Orca documentation on using the application to read documents.

IIRC, Orca uses Speech-Dispatcher, which uses Espeak by default. As such it's unlikely to assist the OP.

The best idea I have is try Festival: sudo apt install festival. It's not perfect either, but it's far better than Espeak IMHO.

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Try mimic 3 by mycroft AI. Its fairly good, eventhough I have some problem downloading voices other than the defualt one.

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I know I am late to comment but in case anyone needs it, I've been using this AI text to speech software and it works really great.

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