Thank You for all your hard work, Mate 24.04 sucks badly but we all know you guys will fix this monster

Side Note new Libra Office does not load Hebrew Ezra Sill font.
Go back to the welcome screen for installing desktops.
Does not seem stable and froze a few times.
Did not recognise hard drives. everything just seemed to be awkward.
I will wait a month and have another go.

You guys are the best at Mate, i love this Ubuntu Mate and thank you for all your dedicated hard work. Its not how many times the boxer is put down, we just need to get up after the last bug as been fixed or glitch is gone. So this is not a complaint, this is not having a blame, this is just a bump in the road to a better stronger faster Mate 24.???.???
So again Thank You for Mate 22.04 which works well, this took time to do as well.

I will add a thanks to people willing to download and run the first official release. I always wait until the first point release to install any new release, I just don't want to deal with the bugs and problems, but I really appreciate those that do that.

I am hoping this ends up a very good release, as I want to sign up for Ubuntu Pro and get the 10 years of support for this installation for both myself and my wife.

Please keep us informed on how 24.04 LTS is progressing.

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I too would suggest and recommend waiting and not doing the upgrade from UM 23.10 to 24.04.

Reason: I've done it on Saturday (the 27th of April, 2024) and had the "joy" to spend about 12 hours with things like installing / reinstalling apps, trying different fixes, moving to snap apps, backing up data, etc. And the PC would not even boot with the new kernel 6.8.x, but only with an older kernel from the 6.5.x series.

I've ended up spending another half a day to re-install from scratch UM 24.04 and, yes, it works like a charm, as before.

But I could have avoided the entire "story" if I would have not done the upgrade.


I think this article describes the risks of a premature upgrade to 24.04 in great detail.


Anyone got any idea how to load a Ezra Sill font Hebrew on 24.04 it will not install ttf
please help