Thank you to the developers

Ubuntu Mate makes everthing so easy. It is fast, stable and a beautifull distro. A perfect operation system for Linux beginners.
Thank you to the Ubuntu Mate Developers.


Ask the devs how easy is to remove snaps

Did you try Stacer? I used on Ubuntu to delete snaps.

No , but i try with Synaptic and trying remove snap left over apps some dependencies will remove ubuntu-mate-core & ubuntu-mate-software so i though maybe crash my system.
Any way remove them and reinstall again (the system is ok)and now i try Mint.

I concur. It really is an amazing experience. They have converted me from Mint to Mate.

Love this Linux Flavour

Flaptrak are more friendly for someone will try uninstall them (I have and uninstall them without any dependence left but i will start use it again and install any app interesting me )

:ubuntu_mate: Many thanks guys ! You are developing the UI and improving the OS we are all running here. Thanks to all that this community exists and with this numbers ! :ubuntu_mate:


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