The download page on needs to take less vertical space


On small screens, it’s not obvious that something happens lower in the page when you click one of the architectures.

I’ve now seen two people being confused by it, and being confused is not a good thing to experience when you’re about to jump into the unknown.



Or, how about they think critically and realize if there is a scrollbar, there is more content to be seen?

I’m normally less coarse in responding on this forum, but if a user can’t even begin to fathom there’s more to be seen on a webpage, then quite frankly I don’t believe that user is ready to jump into the unknown and try anything else beyond what’s on their machine, at least, not without over-the-shoulder assistance.

I am going to have to justify that criticism now, am I? Alright, there are lots and lots of things that can go wrong with any Linux operating system, and despite Wimpy’s best efforts, there are going to be extreme instances of stupidity that could be fatal to an installation of Ubuntu MATE, or at the very least, cause critical usability issues should one not be careful, and apply basic critical thinking skills. So if a user can barely operate a web browser, I would not trust said user with operating a terminal, or even touching Synaptic, should one install it for that person.

Far as I am concerned, whatever a machine came with is where a user should begin formative usability experiences, as all systems can teach the basics of navigating in an abstract and context-heavy workspace like a desktop interface. If a user refuses steadfast to learn from these formative experiences, or prove incapable of doing basic stuff, then I see no reason why a user needs to advance past what they have already as said user wouldn’t even begin to see any difference between the systems, beyond having their experience mixed up and turned on its head, which would not benefit such a user at all, but would rather cause worsening frustration as things are different, and there are some people who cannot cope with such differences as readily.

Unless such changes would have tangible and easily-seen benefits or side-benefits, there’s no reason why such users who suffer from the above issues I’ve explained should even begin to think about changing their operating system, for they’ll probably refuse to learn it because it’s not like their old system enough.