The downloaded ubuntu 20.04 can't be found by Rufus

I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 and it appears in Downloads folder with a Firefox icon!
When I press SELECT on Rufus, the file can't be found.
I tried this five times!
Any advice?

How did you download the ISO, direct or as a torrent? Have you checked the properties of the file, is it the gigabytes the download page says it should be (2.4 gb)? Have you checked the MD5 hash? GtkHash works good for that. Have you tried something other than Rufus, like Etcher on Linux or LILI (LinuxLive USB Creator) on Windows? The Firefox Icon is a clue, I don't think Rufus or the others will find it if it is not an ISO. It should look like this "ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso"

Thanks a lot for the reply.
I downloaded from ubuntu site - Downloads. I guess that qualifies as direct, since there was no mention of torrent there.
I already deleted it, so I don't remember if it had "-mate" after ubuntu. But the rest was what you wrote. Wouldn't the .iso make it an ISO file?!
I have tried only Rufus. Never heard of the others.

The firerfox icon is the clue. I am guessing you had something else in your download folder you hovered over a bit to long and changed the name from .iso to maybe a .deb file? Rufus will only find .iso, so it would not find it if it is a mis-named iso. Again I am guessing, but have had that exact thing happen to myself when downloading.

Thanks again.
So, I guess I am done with ubuntu if I can't download correctly.

Don't give up so easily. Just download the iso file again and make sure you check the hash. Pay particular attention to what the download file is named. If all is well then burn it to USB drive. It is not hard, but a lot of people struggle with mistakes on their first try (I did, I didn't know about programs like Rufus and Etcher that EXTRACT the .iso file). See you are already ahead of where I was on the first try! Don't give up so easily, you will find Ubuntu Mate worth it.

It's because you downloaded it wrong. The fact that it had a firefox icon should have told you something, nl you've downloaded the link to the download page, since a file with a firefox icon is mostly a .html or .htm file.

iow, you made a silly mistake, which can happen to anyone. But if you really can't download ubuntu, then you are indeed done with ubuntu.

Thank you, and nice to have you around!!
I will uninstall Firefox, download Ubuntu and see what happens.

I don't get that. Why would you uninstall firefox to download ubuntu? firefox is a browser which is capable of downloading stuff as well heh..

You downloaded the link to the download page because instead of clicking on it, you probably used right-click and "save as" or something. You just have to click on the download link. You don't need a different browser for that.

I am not sure what he means by that, he seems confused on some terms and what happened. He said Rufus cannot find the file so it is not a .iso file. Somehow he got the Ubuntu .iso confused or overwritten with a Firefox file, which would be a .deb, snap or tarball, again which Rufus will not find. He said "I already deleted it" and doesn't know exactly what happened, so we cannot be sure of what really happened, but only speculate.

Sorry for bringing it up, again, but the Support & Help Requests are meant for Ubuntu MATE and the MATE desktop.
Support with main Ubuntu should be asked in Uncategorized or can be asked elsewhere as shown here:
The topic starter was talking about a iso that they downloaded from the Ubuntu site after all. Not a Ubuntu MATE iso from the Ubuntu MATE site. :slight_smile:

Maybe one of the Moderators is able to move it to Uncategorized.

I am not sure if he is trying to install just Ubuntu or Ubuntu Mate. Seeing he is here I assumed he found the forum from the Ubuntu Mate site where he tried downloading from. He seems rather the newbie and confused on all the details.

Correct thinking, Jymm!

I clicked on the Download from Ubuntu site!
NO right-click, Denpes!

I have received the suggestion to look up the Mate from someone on ifoss community - which was suggested by someone on AskUbuntu - because there was no other help coming from AskUbuntu!

Newbie and ignorant, yes!
But not confused.
Is there a kindergarten level for Ubuntu?! Must check in.
Thanks to all who spent time on this!

Sorry if I misinterpreted. As you can see a bit more information when you request help can be very useful and help people understand and solve your problem. I hope all goes well for you and that you enjoy Ubuntu Mate as much as I do. Good luck on your install Luft.

Thank you, Jim.
I'll update.

I uninstalled Firefox with the goal that its image doesn't attach to the download anymore.
Then I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 four times!
Twice from the main Ubuntu site, and twice from ubuntu/mate.
Each time the downloaded file had no image.
Each time Rufus couldn't find it!
Each time, after the Rufus failure, I went directly to the Downloads and tried to open it - because there was no Run prompt.
It was impossible to open it because all options were spurious: programs and applications that were not designed for this - my Brave browser, VLC (video player), and stuff like those.
Couldn't find Rufus anywhere in the list, and tried to copy the downloaded file. When went into the Rufus to paste it there, no Paste was available. Just names of codes and programs that I am not familiar with that and were not mentioned anywhere in the ubuntu tutorials.
My laptop has Windows 10.
Does anyone, anywhere know of problems with downloading while having Windows lately, let's say the last 6 months?
(1) I don't put it past Microsoft to make it impossible going to open code sources, because - for all those who follow the big games of the Reset - it is known that the AI Singularity is a primary goal.
Related to this, I had another remark to make a while back:
(2) There will come the day when the internet will not be accessible to those not toeing the line - whichever that line will be.
Then, Linux and all related products will be of no avail, short of creating a new internet.

What thoughts on these two issues?
Thanks in advance.

Are you checking the md5 hash, or the sha1 hash? You must check the hash after downloading to know if the download went correctly. You may have some kind of Windows virus that is preventing your downloading correctly.

Use Balena Etcher instead of Rufu. Etcher makes a very good .iso extractor and burner.

Use a torrent client to download the .iso, faster, so less chance of mistakes and you can verify the download with the torrent client when done downloading. Transmission makes a good torrent client for Windows that can be downloaded for free from Softpedia.

Only download the torrent from the Official Ubuntu Mate site. Once finished downloading the torrent, use Transmission to download the .iso. If you have more than one browser try another browser to download the torrent. If you want standard Ubuntu you need to go to the Ubuntu site, and it will be more like Win8. If you want Ubuntu Mate which is more like WinXP or Win7 then stay here.

If none of this works I think you need to look at what is wrong with your Windows installation. Which version of Windows are you using? Do you scan for viruses and malware? While I have no use for MIcrosoft, I don't believe Microsoft is blocking you. Do you have a friend of family member you could use their computer for this task?

I am not sure of your country and if this would be a viable option for you, but here is another alternative: