The GUI of Kdenlive in Ubuntu MATE 17.04


I have installed Kdenlive and encountered some graphical glitches.

The GUI is readable but a bit pale to my taste. I am aware that Kdenlive is KDE program and does not have a dark theme in Ubuntu Mate( a dark them is less distractive and easier to the eyes when editing movies - at least for me) This is not a huge problem and not a deal breaker.

My preferred theme is Ambiant MATE -Dark but when I use this theme that’s how the GUI of Kdenlive looks:

And this is how the Import Media menu looks. Very difficult to read.

Is there a way to customize the Ambiant MATE -Dark theme to make it work with Kdenlive?


I had this problem on Ubuntu Mate 18.04 this morning. For the benefit of anyone else searching for a solution, all I had to do to fix it was click Settings -> Style -> Fusion in the Kdenlive menu bar.

There’s a few styles there, you can choose whichever you think works best (I didn’t find any of them to be absolutely perfect, all had minor graphical glitches, but Fusion seemed to have the least issues). Stay away from bb10dark and bb10bright styles - those caused the main menu not to display properly any more (which makes it a bit tricky to switch to another theme!).


You mentioned that you should stay away from bb10dark and bb10bright themes. I wish I had read that before starting kdenlive… Is there a way to change theme, or reset the settings to defaults?

I’ve been searching for the past 2 hours and haven’t found anyone with the same problem or even mention that this could be a possibility.

I also am not familiar with the synaptic package manager and I’m baffled by the fact that a “complete removal” doesn’t, in fact, completely remove the program and its components, but rather leaves in a weird half installed state that would be common place with a third party windows application.

I can reinstall it again with sudo apt-get install -f but is it now common place to make a paper note of all the component dependencies for an application you wish to install so you have a record of what to uninstall?