The mysterious 'Saab' font

Hello Folks.
On my daily driver PC with U/M 18.04.5, the only office suite I have is Softmaker Freeoffice.

When I use its 'Writer' I use & prefer the Saab font.
This is the only app which (somehow ??) shows that font.

Additionally, I just installed the very same version of that suite on my 'new' NB, and hoped that font would appear - but it does not.

I have searched on as many permutations of this as I could think of and there actually is a font chosen by the Saab company - but no way to get it for comparison.

Will someone please help me to find and get this to keep on hand ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!

Firstly I'd check your system has all security upgrades applied; as an upgraded bionic system will report itself as 18.04.6. The fridge notice of 18.04.6 release shows the date of the ISO release, but installed systems upgrade before that actual date.

Also please note flavors of Ubuntu come with 3 years of supported life, so Ubuntu-MATE 18.04 LTS is actually EOL; see the EOL annoucement on this discourse.

Yes packages that are common with Ubuntu Server/Desktop/Cloud/base come with 5 years of supported life; so a good deal of your system still gets security updates; but be aware it's not all of your system.

You can use ubuntu-support-status to confirm which packages get security-updates, and which do not, allowing you to assess the risk of your using a partially supported system if your system is on-line.


I have just did fresh installation of Softmaker FreeOffice using link on fully updated Ubuntu MATE 18.04.6 LTS VM.
I see the Saab font in both LibreOffice and FreeOffice.

And what is interesting - this font is not bundled with FreeOffice, it is a part of other package. You can reinstall it with

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --reinstall fonts-guru-extra

and then it will become available in all applications.
Please also note that all fonts may be viewed using preinstalled MATE Font Viewer application.


Huge Thanks Norbert_X !!
No longer a mystery - and what you provided even shows why, when I was searching, that I kept getting foreign language results.

The install on the 'new' NB was done via the same DEB file you linked to above, and that PC is using 20.04.x (it is updating right this minute...).
It does not have LibreOffice installed.

What I really wanted to get & have now gotten, is:

Listed at:

And also:
Listed at:

Your pointer to the actual naming is what made the solution possible - as
'fonts-guru-extra' is rather unrelated with the english font I sought as it is aimed at Punjabi - which I know zero about !!

I've run across this sort of goofy sideways naming stuff before seeking other things, and fortunately when the results are in english I've been able to find what I was after.

Thanks Again !!


@guiverc :
Thanks for replying & your well meaning words.

I waited for NorbertX to see my reply - and it seems he has, so now...

Your reply above is actually off-topic for this thread IMO, and;
Frankly I am terminally worn out with any & all update & upgrade lecturing regarding ANY OS - but especially when it comes to Linux.

Yes - I am well aware of this:

And my response is shown here:

And as for updating AND upgrading, the title here really aims at my POV on both aspects of keeping an OS in operation:

Personally speaking=>
Back before I gave up my occupation of supporting many users of that 'other' OS, all of them either quit changing things and stood with XP, or stayed with me while I changed all of them over to using U/M, and AFAIK, the largest commercial network I used to support STILL uses XP for its entire operation including file storage and POS stations.
(I now only assist U/M users, thankfully.)

With the exception of 1 U/M user who literally died of old age (~90 y/o), ALL those whom I still support have really nice installations of U/M 20.04.x now, and are delighted with their PCs and especially love the lack of problems anymore, thereby.

Given the number of times that I've seen U/M updating go FUBAR - including 2 recent efforts from 20.04.2 to 20.04.3 wherein both NBs had perfectly working wifi & wired ethernet BEFORE vs. the ethernet vanishing completely & having ONLY wifi afterwards;
I just say=> Meh.

Updating my 18.04.x 'daily driver' box has also brought me some severe problems before - and when I ran the upgrade for 20.04 on it what came out of that effort was so completely FUBAR as to be 100% useless - so back to 18.04 it went - and there it shall stay until I make another well tested & proven installation of 20.04.x which is totally ready via my work box, 100% separately.

Fortunately I am the sort who prefers to have the umbrella AND the hooded rainjacket, so restoring when things go badly from a full system image is the quick fix - always.

I am in ZERO hurry to participate in any further see-cure-it-tay updates on my own most used PC & not the least bit concerned given that most Linux distros are incredibly wonderful without all that gimcrackery.

But lest I come across as a nerdy ingrate:
Thanks very much for caring enough to poke about the 'need' to update here.

(I do so wish that there could be underlining here...)