The new Discourse update breaks some things

While editing topics with markdown, Formatting in preview doesn’t appear whereas before formatting would always appear, and in some responses to topics formatting isn’t applied at all; Markdown is shown in each instance but formatting relative to markdown doesn’t apply.

Either that or my connection to the Internet and / or server here is poor but I want to know if anyone else had witnessed this issue.

Haven't noticed any problems here. Even if you disconnect from the network, the markdown preview will still keep working.

Maybe give your cache a good clear out if it happens again? :clear:

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Well, I figured out something.

So right, in my posts with the current version of Discourse…

This works,

#but this doesn’t.

Further... Trying to write bold text in summaries like this requires use of the HTML bold tag now? Nothing else works! Same for any other kind for formatting where markdown is otherwise used. Why can't we mix formats anymore?

Anyway , my point is that some things appear broken. I was trying to use graves for text like this inside of quoteblocks (which I use for “Margin text” in tutorials) and for some reason it wouldn’t work until I put it to a new line, whereas most times it does work as this example shows. What the hey?

I think we need to do a sweep of broken posts to find what’s wrong presently, and have system mass-edit the entire forum since Discourse developers broke so much this time around.

Discourse switched the Markdown engine to since v1.9. Markdown doesn’t actually have an official “standard” so it’s no surprise this more standardised implementation is stricter with syntax.

  • Change markdown engine to markdown it