The old "Appearance Preferences > Visual Effects" tab used in the old Gnome2

In Manjaro MATE the MATE Tweak is in the AUR.

MATE Tweak is distro agnostic, and distro specific features are only exposed on the relevant distro, unlike mintDesktop which is Mint specific.


Do you think it would be possible to integrate a feature like this into Mate Tweak?

@Wimpy You are doing the right thing. Openness and sharing give better results over time. I think you made Advanced menu distro agnostic and that was also a good move. Making things distro specific (unless needed) is almost as bad as proprietary software.


I was not trying to upset anyone by any means. This is just a thought. I just did not understand what you are tying to say in simple terms @Wimpy @mrtribute

I remember this setting very well. In the interest of discussion, there’s a fine balance between being new-user friendly and obscuring what happens when you hit a button on a UI.

The buzzword/lingo new-user-unfriendly term “compiz” appears nowhere on that UI and that may be a problem in itself. A new user may read all about compiz only to see it nowhere in the settings. Good or bad?

In this regard, I like the Mate Tweak approach better but I have the familiarity bias.

On a secondary note, that setting had 2 levels of preset compiz features. Not a bad idea in my opinion. It’s not free, of course, as someone has to select these presets.

I forget “Custom”. I think it brought up CCSM or a “Do you want to install it” dialog. I recall it was selected if you modified off presets.

Also part of this discussion is could Mate Tweak be an Appearance tab? Possibly. I’m all for integration.

My bend on integration is deep. Why in the world isn’t Logout, Reboot and Shutdown on the same dialog yet??? :confounded:

Core problem with compiz and new users? IMHO: CCSM (ComizConfig Settings Manager). This end result of years of feature patchwork has made it a tough nut to crack. As a user of the cube I understand the “Viewport Switcher” integration using “Plugin for initiate action” but dang, I’d hate to have to explain it to someone!

Just my 2 cents on the topic.


@johnnyhoffmann32 Nobody is upset, because there is nothing to be upset about.:relaxed:

On topic: I think this discussion boils down to a deeper problem that’s not so easy to solve. Linux comes with choice and I am all for choice.

But now UM comes with Marco, Marco software compositing, Marco Compton and Compiz. These options are distro specific and can’t/shouldn’t be integrated into MATE. At least Compton and Compiz are not part of MATE.

With GTK3 support support for Mutter/Muffin might arrive. Somewhere down the line choices will have to be made. I like the Visual Effects tab for nostalgic reasons, but MATE Tweak does its job well and it’s not possible to bring all those options to a Visual Effects tab.

Question is: do we need 7 window managers or is Windows better that has just one? Maybe Wayland is a blessing after all. I doubt it because I am always sceptical about new stuff. I think MATE Tweak is good for now. That’s all I know.

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Ok now i understand :slight_smile:

But anyway what do you think Ubuntu MATE 18.04 will be like and what new features will it have?

And also the status of wayland. On Manjaro MATE wayland-protocols is in the updates, so does this mean that wayland is on it’s way?

I am not a developer so I don’t know. You are asking the wrong guy.:slight_smile:
They are working on Ubuntu MATE 16.10 now. This is the latest progress report:

Wayland will come… one day. I think it will take time (years), before Ubuntu MATE uses Wayland. Some distros will never use Wayland. I like Compiz so I am in no hurry for Wayland.

If you want better answers you should ask the Ubuntu MATE developers how they see the future regarding Wayland and other window managers. I know @Wimpy is working on Compiz Reloaded so Compiz seems to have a future!

I think Linux is perfect now. GTK3 and HiDPI support might be good. Wayland doesn’t interest me. How can it beat Compiz?:wink:


I love compiz too. There is no alternative like it

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Wayland will end the screen tearing and the ever-aging X server. It kind of succeeds Compiz too being a compositor too. I hope Compiz stays around though. Did you know Wayland could do this? :wink:

You can get Compiz Reloaded to work today if you like, I tried it, but the 3D animations on my system are a bit jittery for some reason:

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Back on track, I agree with @Bill_MI that there could be a couple of levels. I’d prefer an option to configure Compiz via CCSM if installed as long as the “reset” button works if it all breaks and warn this is advanced.


No, I didn’t…We’ll see what the future brings. I like Compiz and the “endless possibilities” that it brings today. I just recorded one and a half minute without editing. It’s a low-spec AMD dual-core 1,6 GHz processor. Screen-tearing isn’t that much of an issue I think.


I disliked simple-ccsm when I used it. If only the Compiz Reloaded devs could iron out the Python issues, users could be able to use backported Compiz with no errors, and that could be supplied with UM 16.10, along with complete removal of Unity and mate-tweak can either intercede on behalf of CCSM to change profiles, or users could be instructed to see CCSM’s preferences to select different profiles that have a similar effect to simple-ccsm.

Maybe we can call the package that adds these Compiz profiles ubuntu-mate-compiz-profiles and make it part of another package, such as ubuntu-mate-compiz which would be Compiz 0.8 (Compiz Reloaded).

@mrtribute Are you using compiz-reloaded or the compiz 0.9.x from the software centre in that video?

@lah7 Which animations are you talking about? Are you saying Freely Transformable Windows? I have that problem on my system.

@lah7 Thats really cool to know that wayland can do that :slight_smile:

Erm… he should had typed in a terminal compiz --version to begin with. But, I would wager to say that is Compiz 0.9.

Compiz 0.9, despite it lacking all the extras older users may want is still a very capable compositor and window manager. Though he could still install Compiz Reloaded on there, most people don’t need it, frankly and I have it because I can.

It was the 3D desktop cube that I tried, but other animations like window opening/closing felt a lot smoother in Compiz 0.8 than 0.9.

Compiz from UM 14.04.

True. Compiz with AMD open source driver. I like AMD radeon driver. It’s better than nouveau open source driver for Nvidia.

Very clear picture, but the video is somewhat blurred because YouTube compresses 1280x800 to 720p. Spinning the Cube doesn’t tax the CPU (maybe 20%). It was Simple Screen Recorder that took all my CPU cycles.