Hallo Again Everyone.
Does any one know were to find the PULSEAUDIO EQUALIZER ???
I know the developers stopped using it but you can stile normally find it and now Iw just given up.
I guess its plug`ins that’s taken over, but this confuses me even more, I think.
If some one knows about another equalizer ore even what to do, so that I can lift my audio experience in MATE ??

  • Please tell…
    You see I have always felt the sound a little “Flat” and then I came over this “How-To” article.

Then again, what is best to use in MATE, soundvise ??

  • ALSA ore PULSEAUDIO ??? I see theirs a JACK to and proably more…
    I`m not a Sound-Geek but a little knowledge I do have and I have also experienced that sound and Ubuntu rely isn’t an easy matter. I actually bought a new sound card, a Creative - Sound Blaster Z, but I just had to give it up. There was no way to get it to work in Ubuntu in that time.
    And now I am thinking that maybe MATE is again a solution for me and my hardware. Don’t know way, but the same computer with the same hardware has actually worked perfectly in Ubuntu MATE :grin:… when it only failed and crashed in Ubuntu. :cry:
  • ANY WAYsss, if any one can brief and guide me to a solution about the sound I relay be GRATEFUL.
    :notes: :confused: :notes:

HI @SpacePunk,

have you tried "Paman" (Pulse Audio Manager)?. To install via the terminal, use the following command (Ctrl + Alt + t):

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install paman

Once installed; you will find it in: Applications > Sound & Video > Pulse Volume Control:


Does any one know were to find the PULSEAUDIO EQUALIZER ???

Are you looking for that one (packaged in WebUpd8’s PPA)?

ALSA ore PULSEAUDIO ??? I see theirs a JACK to and proably more…

If you’re a regular user, stick to PulseAudio; if you’re a musician, I don’t know anything about music/sound design but I think Jack is there for this kind of work, though I’m not sure of how it works (I guess it’s just a middleware that you use with another backend like PulseAudio, not a replacement).

Also, if you make music, you might want to install a low latency kernel instead of the regular one. It’s preinstalled on Ubuntu Studio but not the other variants like Ubuntu Mate.


First of all; I am SORRY for coming pack so late to this topic. The thing is that I’m still occupied and I haven’t dealt with this “Audio-Issue of mine”. - But I will get there, I just don’t know when for now…
I’m her now to tell you I’m at least alive and to tell you I rely appreciate the quick answers.

BIG Thanks to my old MATE @Wolfman.

  • AND A DEEP BOWE for you coming back is given. It feels very good to know your watching out for me.
    F… man, THANK`S.
  • It actually turns out that I installed the Manager a day before I posted this. Havant tried it out`yet but will come to it.

Also a BIG`ONE for @terzag.

  • And YES thats the ONE. You NAILED IT ALL, THANKs man !!!

And again, I`ll Be Back :tired_face:

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You know, you could had ust told him to do sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 && sudo apt update && sudo apt install pulseaudio-equalizer then he can do pulseaudio-equalizer-gtk for enabling the LADSPA-based EQ and setting it to any of the WinAmp-inspired profiles that exist.

It’s not like qpaeq which has a shedload more options, but the built-in EQ available via ppa:webupd8team/pulseaudio-eq doesn’t come with any presets (the ones from the main Webupd8 PPA don’t work) and it doesn’t stay on. I mean, screw more bands if you have to re-enable it every time, yeah?

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So I had to take a look for myself

Impressive :slight_smile:

Now whats with all those other packages?

YES !!! :grin:
THANK YOU SO MUCH @tiox for your involvement.

    (NOW WORKING PERFECTLY @wolfman :relieved:… ) monitors.

I got what I wanted and for me the case is SOLVED
and that was BY BRANDON BACHMAN :relaxed:


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qpaeq comes with the other PPA I mentioned. You add it in, then update your system and the EQ will be added in as part of the update. qpaeq is the PAEQ application provided by the second repo.

But seriously, don’t use it. It works, but it requires hacks to keep it enabled and bands vary with window size (which means if you have the window stretched across three displays, you have a stupid amount of bands to work with.)


The ‘’ pulseaudio-equalizer ‘’ should be added to ‘’ Software Boutique ‘’ . If not to OS itself.

Right, PA EQ, at least the one @SpacePunk is using, is a bit different this time around in webupd8’s repo for Zesty to my knowledge.

Seems they’ve dropped the LADSPA EQ in favour for the built-in one, essentially rendering the other EQ PPA they have moot. It can still be installed however;
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-equalizer=

I believe they have both packages for the built-in EQ and the older, LADSPA one in the same repo for Zesty so there shouldn’t be any need to tamper with the .list file for it in /etc/apt/sources.list.d.

Undoubtedly, you should lock the version afterward so future updates don’t mess with it, but the surrounding libraries for it might be modified, so if that ever happens simply reinstall it and it should downgrade everything. Do that post-upgrade however so you can see what other packages you need to lock.